“Communication just got Sweeter”

The possibilities have become endless with M & M’s addition of the personalization line.

First of all, the use of M&M’s as keys is a brilliant marketing technique for this type of product.  The M&M’s are illustrated to play the role of a canvas, in a way similar to the letters on a keyboard, which both  lack a purpose prior to an individual’s inspiration. The ad is trying to encourage its customer to begin expressing their own ideas through its portrayed sense of control and stimulation of creativity.

Further, the slogan, “Communication just got Sweeter” enhances this idea with the use of two characteristics, “communication” and “sweet,” which too run parallel in our own lives.

“Communication”  provides the color to our otherwise black and white world, without it, even candy like M&M’s would be nothing more than a delightful taste that disappears in a matter of moments. Ads like the one above remind us why we love M&M’s, and in a way, postpone the disappearance of pleasure. The characteristic “sweet” adds to this idea of pleasure and is a description for anything far beyond “plain.”  Together, the two words hold enough power to enrich a statement and in this case, sell a product.


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Make the Right Decision.

Although an advertisement for a well-known brand of condoms among young adults, Durex, its purpose goes beyond the attempt to make a profit. It accurately portrays the reality that leaves many people, both men and women in panic – unplanned pregnancy and everything that comes with it.

The ad is able to take something that is essentially optional and make it mandatory. Its message is sent through images. A tactic that in this situation, is more powerful than words or an explanation ever would be.

What I like so much about this particular ad is that the demographic is almost impossible to miss. Anyone unable to understand the message is clearly not Durex’s target audience, those who do get it though will remember when the all-to-familiar dilemma arises.

Words have no purpose here. The ad speaks for itself, or at least initiates the little voice inside to start talking.

$2.50 is nothing in comparison to a child. Just one of its many necessities costs $217. Suddenly, $2.50 seems like a brilliant investment.


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Just do it.


For years, Nike has created advertisements that fit along its “Just do it” motto. In fact, the company has done such an outstanding job with marketing that it is no longer necessary to add elements beyond the product and their Nike swoosh logo.

Impressive? Yes, I’d say so.

It is rare for a company to have such a profound impact on realistically, the world, to the point that even those who may not be in their demographics can still see an ad such as this one and feel the temptation to mutter “Just do it”.

Focusing on this advertisement alone, Nike does it again. It’s liquefying, hydrating and energetic. It’s colorful and electrifying and is powerful enough to give someone the motivation to get off the couch and do something.

Good work Nike, you just did it (again)!


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An Invisible Appreciation

France Adot: Young man

FRANCE ADOT is a group of associations working locally in France to  raise awareness of organ, tissue and bone marrow donation.

In this case, you don’t need to know someone to love them. Although donors often go unknown to patients whose lives they save, they are one person that will never be forgotten.

This advertising campaign, specifically the ad above,  relays its intended message effectively.

At first glance, I could not help but begin customizing my own story to go along with the picture and I can only imagine that anyone else whose eyes lay upon it would do the same.  The ad acts as guidance while the mind and body find an emotional connection through their own made up story.

It’s the thought of  knowing a life was just given back to someone who wasn’t ready to go, the intangible connection that will forever exist and the appreciation that will never find its way to words that make this ad so profound.

It’s simple. It’s emotional. It’s effective.


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Stop Rape!

Statutory Rape

NEWS FLASH: Looks are not an accurate portrayal of a person’s maturity level!

An “advertisement” done by ad agency Serve, which actually failed to ever make it passed the focus groups had the original intention of preventing statutory rape. The campaign specifically focused on Milwaukee, Wisconsin for being the 7th highest rate of birth to teens in the country, many of which resulted from statutory rape.

I know it doesn’t always seem true boys, but the world is a big place, I promise. Stop being creepy and try out a relationship… a mutually agreed upon relationship that is, one where BOTH people involved have feelings for EACH OTHER. Rape is AWFUL, not just for the victim but for the rapist too! So rapists,  why don’t you do everyone a favor – stop hunting for victims and start searching for love.

I’d recommend starting your search in an age group close to your own. Let’s let the kids be kids before they start creating them.




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A Helmet Or A Coffin? It’s up to you.

The video is from the AIP Foundation, the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation based in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Phnom Penh.

A powerful advertisement that takes a harsh fear and puts it into a realistic perspective. Simply put, buy your child a helmet so you don’t have to buy them a coffin.

“If you won’t put a helmet on your child, you’d better plan ahead.”
Too real? No, in fact, just barely real enough. Protect your children.


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Putting An End To Poverty

My growing interest in non-profit organizations has landed me on ads such as this one and many more that I will get my hands on in the near future.

Right away this “end poverty” advertisement calls out to all of those who feel that they are a leader which in today’s society, is nearly everyone and thus encourages all of us to make the change and be the difference. Not only is the onlooker’s attention immediately caught with the ads use of contrasting colors and large font, it is also full of important information that otherwise would go unseen. Our eyes and minds are strongly encouraged to find out exactly what the message is.

Nonprofit advertisements are extremely powerful due to their moral purposes of making society a better place. Instead of manipulating onlookers, these types of ads are simply reminders that do not let us forget the less fortunate aspects of the society that all of us live in.


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